Os Keyes - Keynote Title

Os Keyes is a researcher and writer at the University of Washington. Their work focuses on questions of gender, disability, technology and power, with a particular interest in machine learning, biomedicine and the intersection thereof. An inaugural Ada Lovelace Fellow, their work has been published in CSCW, CHI, Cultural Studies and a range of media venues, including Vice, Wired and Logic magazines.

Dr. Welderufael B. Tesfay - Keynote Title

Welderufael (aka Welde) is a Senior Researcher in information privacy and security at the Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. He holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science from Goethe University Frankfurt, a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Mobile Systems from Luleå University of Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Mekelle Institute of Technology (MIT-Tigray). His research lays at the ‘symbiosis’ of user-centric approaches to information privacy protection, data protection regulations (e.g., the EU GDPR), and applied machine learning & NLP techniques. He endeavors to design and develop “intelligent” tools that empower the user in making informed privacy-related decisions regarding sensitive information disclosures by also taking the user’s regulatory rights into account. Additionally, since 2013, he has been working in various security and privacy related projects funded by the European Commission.

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