Tabular Timetable of the Summer School Programme

Monday, Aug 7th, 2023

19:00 Get-Together

Informal Get-Together for those already present. Meeting point is on top of the Oslo Opera House (map), from where we will start exploring the city.

ATTENTION! Canceled due to the expected weather: heavy rain and thunderstorm (incl. a severe weather warning).

Tuesday, Aug 8th, 2023

08:30-09:00 Registration and Coffee Break

09:00-09:15 Opening Remarks


Welcome from the Local Organizers

Nils Gruschka, University of Oslo

Stephan Oepen, University of Oslo, Head of Department of Informatics

Welcome from the Steering Committee

Simone Fischer-Hübner, Karlstad University

09:15-10:15 Keynote: Stefan Schiffner

On the endeavour designing and deploying a privacy certification scheme under the GDPR

(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Meiko Jensen)

10:30-12:00 Paper Sessions

Track A: Paper Session 1: Power Structures & Individuals
(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Silvia de Conca)
Greta Runge:
(Re)construction of Data Spaces: Socio-Technical Perspectives on Structures, Actors and Impacts
(Keywords: data spaces, digital infrastructures, data sharing, field research, cross-sectoral innovation processes)
August Bourgeus, Tim Theys, Nanouk Verhulst, Peter Mechant and Laurens Vandercruysse:
Towards an affordance-based typology of Personal Data Stores
(Keywords: Personal Data Store, typology, affordances)
Track B: Paper Session 2: Identity Management
(Room: JAVA, Session Chair: Meiko Jensen)
Ali Haider and Mohsen Toorani:
Subscriber's Identity Privacy in 5G Networks
(Keywords: Subscriber Privacy, 5G, Cellular Networks, Authenticated Key Agreement)
Arnaf Aziz Torongo and Mohsen Toorani:
Blockchain-based Decentralized Identity Management for Healthcare Systems
(Keywords: Self-Sovereign Identity, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Aries, Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials)
Track C: Workshop: Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures
(Room: LOGO)
Aida Akbarzadeh and Xhesika Ramaj:
Welcome; About RECYCIN: Reinforcing Competence in Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures: A Norway – US Partnership Project
Laszlo Erdodi:
Power Grid from Offensive Perspective
(Hands-on Session)

13:30-15:00 Paper Sessions

Track A: Tutorial
Carolin Gilga:
Shared, public and out of control – Your data on the public web
(Keywords: public data, data protection, psychology, web monitoring, screen scraping, social media monitoring, interdisciplinarity)
Track B: Tutorial
(Room: JAVA)
Jenni Reuben and Ala Sarah Alaqra:
Private Training Approaches - A Primer
(Keywords: Machine learning, Private learning, Privacy)
Track C: Workshop: Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures (cont'd)
(Room: LOGO)
Siv Hilde Houmb:
Using IEC 62443 to Manage Cyber Security Risks to Power Grid and Oil and Gas Installations
Nathan Lau:
Adopting an Ecological Approach to Develop User Interfaces for Cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems
Aida Akbarzadeh and Xhesika Ramaj:
Concluding Remarks

15:15-16:15 Keynote: Maria Grazia Porcedda

The effacement of information technology from EU law: the need for collaborative approaches to redesign the EU’s regulatory architecture

(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Felix Bieker)

16:30-18:00 Reception at the University of Oslo

After the last session, we will have a small get-together at the conference site.

The evening is free to mingle and explore the city.

Wednesday, Aug 9th, 2023

09:00-10:00 Keynote: Lothar Fritsch

The subtle differences between privacy risk and privacy breach consequences

(Room: SIMULA, Session Chair: Silvia de Conca)

10:15-12:15 Paper Sessions

Track A: Paper Session 3: Policy Validation
(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Simone Fischer-Hübner)
Chinmayi Prabhu Baramashetru, Silvia Lizeth Tapia Tarifa and Olaf Owe:
Assuring GDPR Conformance through Language-Based Compliance
(Keywords: GDPR Enforcement, Privacy by Design, Data protection by Deisgn, Language Compliance, Formal Model, Runtime Checking)
Feiyang Tang and Bjarte M. Østvold:
User Interaction Data in Apps: Comparing Policy Claims to Implementations
(Keywords: Mobile Apps, Transparency, Trust, Interaction Data, Privacy Policy)
Hugo Pascual and Jose Del Alamo:
Identification of international transfers of personal data
(Keywords: Privacy, Personal Data, International Transfers)
Track B: Paper Session 4: Privacy & Security
(Room: JAVA, Session Chair: Stefan Schiffner)
Mordechai Guri:
Mind The Gap: Can Air-Gaps Keep Your Private Data Secure?
(Keywords: air-gap, networks, data privacy, data protection, security, data leakage, cyber attacks, information protection, regulations)
Bjørn Aslak Juliussen:
Compliance By Design: Balancing Data Protection, Cybersecurity and AI Regulation in Software and System Development
(Keywords: Privacy, Data Protection, Concurrent Compliance, Cybersecurity)
Cynthia Ng:
Digital Security Controversy Analysis: Security Rationalities in the Contemporary Debate on Privacy and Surveillance
(Keywords: Digital Security Controversy, Privacy, Surveillance, Security Rationalities, End-to-End Encryption)
Track C: Workshop
(Room: LOGO)
Marcela Tuler de Oliveira and Elyas Khorasani:
Digital identity solutions to allow distributed access control mechanisms in cross-organisation data-sharing: Addressing privacy challenges
(Keywords: Digital identity, Distributed access control policies, Data Sharing, Blockchain)

13:15-15:15 Paper Sessions

Track A: Paper Session 5: Risk
(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Silvia de Conca)
Jan-Philipp Stroscher, Frank Hessel, Kevin Logan, Michaela Leštáková, Martin Pietsch, Andreas Morgen and Yasin Alhamwy:
Legal considerations for resilient, crisis-aware information management on Urban Data Platforms
(Keywords: Urban Data Platform, Data Protection, Resilience)
Samuel Wairimu:
Towards better whistleblowing processes: understanding privacy risks and resulting harms
(Keywords: Whistleblower, Privacy Risks, Privacy Harms, Journalism, Retaliation, External Whistleblowing Channel)
Ann-Kristin Lieberknecht:
Supporting Parents in Managing Online Privacy Risks
(Keywords: Privacy Education, Parents, Children)
Track B: Paper Session 6: Healthcare
(Room: JAVA, Session Chair: Michael Friedewald)
Fabiola Böning:
Shared data in a European Health Data Space using the example of digital health applications
(Keywords: European Health Data Space, digital health applications, electronic health record systems)
Paweł Hajduk:
Between the right to the protection of personal data and the right to health. Evolving EU regulatory framework on secondary use of electronic personal health data for medical research
(Keywords: Secondary Use of Personal Health Data, Medical Research, Data Protection)
Ramona Schmidt and Ina Schiering:
Who is the attacker - Analyzing data protection violations in health care
(Keywords: privacy, data protection, GDPR, health related data)
Track C: Workshop
(Room: LOGO)
Anette Siebenkäs:
A Framework for Exploring Personal Data Transparency from a Theoretical Perspective
(Keywords: Personal Data Transparency, Theory, Information Privacy)

15:30-16:30 Keynote: Martin Degeling

The Digital Services Act: New rules for online platforms and how to hold them accountable

(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Ina Schiering)

16:30-17:15 Panel: Sharing (in) a Digital World

  • Silvia De Conca, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Marit Hansen, Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD)
  • Jaap-Henk Hoepman, Radboud University, University of Groningen, Karlstad University
  • Wojciech Wiewiórowski, EDPS

(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Felix Bieker)

19:00 Summer School Dinner

We meet at Ekebergrestauranten at 19:00 for the summer school dinner (in the room named “Store Festsal”). The restaurant’s address is Kongsveien 15, 0193 Oslo, Norway (see map), and you can easily reach it via the tram stop Ekebergsparken (from the city center take the tram line 13 towards “Ljabru” or line 19 towards “Ljabru” or “Bråten”). The dinner is included in the conference fee, including some drinks.

For those interested, there is a sculpture park next to the restaurant, so it might be a good idea to arrive 30-60 minutes early and have a stroll.

Thursday, Aug 10th, 2023

09:00-10:00 Keynote: Wojciech Wiewiórowski

The Myth of ‘Global Standard’ in Personal Data Protection

(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Marit Hansen)

10:15-11:45 Paper Sessions

Track A: Paper Session 7: Machine Learning
(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: (to be found))
Mehdi Akbari Gurabi, Felix Hermsen and Avikarsha Mandal:
Towards privacy-preserving machine learning in sovereign data spaces: challenges and potentials
(Keywords: Data Sovereignty, Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning, Usage Control, Privacy Enhancing Technologies)
Sonakshi Garg and Vicenc Torra:
K-Anonymous Privacy Preserving Manifold Learning
(Keywords: K-Anonymity, MDAV, Manifold learning, Geodesic distance)
Track B: Paper Session 8: Data Subjects
(Room: JAVA, Session Chair: Victor Morel)
Malte Hansen and Andre Büttner:
Secure and GDPR-Compliant Authentication for Data Subject Rights Enforcement
(Keywords: Data Subject Rights, Authentication, GDPR)
Kristýna Bónová:
Consumer data and technology: consumer-data subject protection tools
(Keywords: consumer data, GDPR, consumer protection, privacy protection, surveillance technologies)
Track C: Workshop: TRUEdig project
(Room: LOGO)
Albin Zuccato:
Using Public Cloud for Analytics in a privacy friendly way
Ala Sarah Alaqra and Simone Fischer-Hübner:
Human factors for usable PETs

12:45-14:15 Paper Sessions

Track A: Paper Session 9: Mobility/VANETs
(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Stefan Schiffner)
Mahdi Akil and Sujash Naskar:
Non-Interactive Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: Security, Privacy, and Accountability
(Keywords: VANETs, Attribute-based cerdentials, Idemix, Verifiable encryption)
Daniel Richter:
Entangled: A Case Study of Data Exchange and Actor Relationships in a Mobility Ecosystem
(Keywords: self-sovereign identity, governance framework, ecosystem, multi-modal mobility, interorganizational data exchange)
Track B: Paper Session 10: Data Subjects (cont'd)
(Room: JAVA, Session Chair: Marit Hansen)
Janina Rochon:
Enhancing transparency through Personal Information Management Systems: current state of service offerings and considerations for further advancements
(Keywords: Personal Information Management Systems, Transparency, Access, Information, Consent)
Piero Romare, Victor Morel, Farzaneh Karegar and Simone Fischer-Hübner:
Towards User Definitions of Privacy Factors on IoT Trigger-Action apps
(Keywords: Privacy Factors, Human Centric Cybersecurity, Trigger-Action Application)
Track C: Rump Session
(Room: LOGO, Session Chair: Felix Bieker)

14:30-15:30 Keynote: Jaap-Henk Hoepman

Privacy Is Hard And Seven Other Myths. Achieving Privacy Through Careful Design

(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Ina Schiering)

17:00 Social Event: Hiking at Holmenkollen

We will meet at Holmenkollen t-bane station at 17:00. A local guide will then lead you through the Holmenkollen area with the iconous ski jump ramp that can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Please wear shoes suitable for hiking.

After the tour, we can have a coffee or snack at Frognerseteren (not included in the conference fee). The rest of the evening is free to mingle.

Friday, Aug 11th, 2023

09:00-10:00 Keynote: Marit Hansen

AI and Data Protection - Challenges for Controllers, Processors and Supervisory Authorities

(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Simone Fischer-Hübner)

10:15-11:45 Paper Sessions

Track A: Paper Session 11: Synthetic Data
(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Ina Schiering)
Felix Hermsen and Avikarsha Mandal:
Privacy and Utility Evaluation of Synthetic Data for Machine Learning
(Keywords: Generative adversarial networks, differential privacy, membership inference attacks)
Saloni Kwatra and Vicenc Torra:
Privacy Analysis of the Synthetic Data using Membership Inference and Data Reconstruction Attack
(Keywords: Membership Inference Attack, Data Reconstruction Attack, Principal Component Analysis, Generative Adversarial Network, Synthetic Data)
Track B: Paper Session 12: Privacy Economics
(Room: JAVA, Session Chair: Michael Friedewald)
Paul Michel Dit Ferrer, Vera Schmitt, Arooj Anwar Khan and Ina Kern:
What are You Willing to Pay to Protect Your Instagram Data? Examining the Privacy Paradox in the Social Media Context
(Keywords: Information Privacy, Social Media, Willingness To Pay, Privacy Paradox)
Vera Schmitt, Tingyu Song and Danila Ferents:
Economics of Privacy and the Relation to Users’ Trust
(Keywords: Economics of privacy, Endowment effect, Trust, Privacy concern, Negative privacy experiences)

11:45-12:45 Keynote: Liina Kamm

Deploying privacy enhancing technologies in an e-government

(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Meiko Jensen)

12:45-13:15 Closing Remarks

Best Presentation Award and Closing Ceremony

(Room: SMALLTALK, Session Chair: Simone Fischer-Hübner)

13:15 Lunch and End of IFIP Summer School 2023